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Where to go in Bodrum City

Hey, welcome to this blog. Let me guess, if you are on this blog, then you want to visit some cool and quiet place. Do you want to visit Bodrum? I will guide you and I will tell you about the famous places you can visit in Bodrum city so, first of all, let us know a little about the Bodrum as it is most important because you also have to show off about this place after your visit. Just kidding.

So Bodrum is a very quiet and nice place to visit. It offers different and very beautiful sights one can visit. It is fully loaded with very different and designer villages and small hotels. You can also find popular resorts on the beachside on the southern coasts of the Bodrum. If you want to explore the culture and the monuments, then you can head towards the Bodrum Mausoleum which is one of the seven wonders of the world.

So, let us begin the list of these main sights and the things you can do in Bodrum.

The Bodrum town centre is the true gem of the Aegean coast. It is made up of modern architecture, it is a very beautiful sight and you must visit this place. The most different experience one can achieve in the Bodrum is the Turkish bath which is well known as Hamam. In most of the big hotels of the Bodrum, you will easily find the Hamam.

Bodrum hotel swimming pool view

More about Hamam 

This service is offered as a spa service in the turkey. The best place takes this bath is the Bardakci. This Hamam is situated in the back streets of the Bodrum. It is built in the mid-1700s and it is the oldest Hamam of this area. Although the exterior look of this place is not so good, but the quality of the Turkish bath is ultimate.

If you want to go to Bodrum city, then you can also visit the Bodrum Castle. It was ruined 40 years ago, but now it is fully renovated. It is proudly standing in the middle of the Bodrum bay. If you want a better experience, then you must visit the Turkish crowded places. Although it is tough to find locals in the Bodrum. But if you want a better value for your money, you should visit small shops and cafes. You will feel very relaxed there.

There are different villages near Bodrum. You can visit these villages. They will help you know more about Turkey’s history. You can also make one or two-day trip to these villages if you get bored with the luxurious life of the Bodrum.

Bodrum boat services

Shipping in Bodrum

Bodrum is a coastal area. And if we talk about the coasts then how can we forget about the ships and boats. There are different shipping services available in the Bodrum. You can hire the ship to visit the nearby island. These ship services offer half or full-day trips which may be the best experience of your life. You can also swim in the crystal-clear water of the Bodrum. Visiting black island is another fun place you can visit which is also very famous in Bodrum.

You may also find few English-speaking visitors in the villages near the Bodrum city. Life in the Bodrum is unhurried and you can stay a bit slow as compared to the outer world. Although this is the best place to visit. You should take your friends and family on the trip.

In the evenings you can have the best dinner of your life. If you are a party person then there are many pubs and clubs for you which opens after 9, but it will be better if you visit these places after 12 otherwise you may find yourself alone there.


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