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Somewhere on the sea shores of Bodrum port

Bodrum is situated in the coastal area of the Turkey. Do you want to visit this place? We are going to tell you about the top 5 attractions of the Bodrum. Bodrum is a beautiful city generally famous for one of the seven wonders of the world which is situated in the Bodrum. You will find many tourists there and you will love to visit this post after reading the complete article.


The old name of this city is Halicarnassus. In earlier times it is a simple fishing village, but in 1940 when tourism enters Bodrum it changed everything. Now in all seasons, you can see a lot of tourists in the Bodrum and there are many tourist attraction points in Bodrum.


Castle of St. Peter

It is situated on the seafront and it is the first choice of every visitor who visits Bodrum. It is a beautiful structure made by St. John between 1402 to 1437. The castle is passed into the Turkish hands on the rise of the Ottoman sultan Suleyman. When it comes in Turkish hands, they build a mosque inside this castle. Today, its vast halls display the exhibit of Bodrum’s museum of underwater archaeology.


Museum of underwater archaeology

As I told you earlier. This brilliant museum is made inside the castle of St. Peter. It is a must-see place if you are visiting the Castle of St. Peter. If you are not interested in underwater archaeology You can go to the Castle of St. Peter. After the entrance, you will find a huge collection of glass blowing workshops. There is a 16 meter ship which sunk in AD 1025. The French tower and Uluburun wreck hall are other points of the site in the museum of underwater archaeology.

Boat trips and water sports.

It is all about the sea and the beaches. Most of the people come here to take a sunbath and enjoy water-related activities. When we talk about water, then boat trips are the most fascinating thing you can do in Bodrum. There are different companies in the Bodrum that offer half-day or full-day boat trips. On these boat trips, you can enjoy the different sights and a lot of swimming spots.

Ships near Bodrum

You can also visit Kara Ada island. You can also hire yacht privately with crew members and enjoy your day of sunbathing on the board or by soaking the scenario of the turquoise sea. This entire peninsula is full of domestic as well as European tourists.


It is the final resting place of the king Mausolus. The Mausoleum is an old and broken sculpture of marble. It is one of the seven wonders of the world. The Mausoleum is a 46-meter high tower-like structure. It may fascinate your eyes. However, it is not as interesting as that time. It lost its dignity. Knights Hospitallers destroyed it a few years ago. They used their stones for creating the castle of St. Peter.

Bodrum Theater

This is the one of the ancient theatre of the Bodrum. Yeah, it is not very big according to the roman standers but it is enough big to hold about 13000 spectators at once. It is a must-visit place. There are so many concerts and events which happen in this theatre in summers. If you are lucky you can enjoy your whole day by seeing different events and by mesmerizing its view.


These are the five main attractions of the Bodrum. There are also too many places to visit in Bodrum the only thing you have to do is book the ticket and make a visit to the Bodrum. Please share this info with your loved ones using your social handles and also follow us on Facebook.

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