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Bodrum Yalikavak

Do you want to know more about fascinating Sea in Bodrum? Do you like to spend the whole day on the water? If yes, then we have some information about this lovely place Yalikavak. Yalikavak is about 18 km away from the Bodrum. Bodrum is a well famous city in the Mugla province. It is situated at the coastlines of the Aegean Sea. Yalikavak is situated at the bottom of the hills and gives you an ultimate view. It is surrounded by the hills and the coastline and provides you the view of the town.

Yalikavak Population

This is a very beautiful place with a total population of around 9000 people, according to the census of 2007. However, it is always full of tourists. It is also famous for its tourism and holiday residence. This town is full of a weekly market and numerous shops and restaurants. In 2009, they also hosted the youth world championship in which a total of 109 competitors take part.

There is a long-range of shopping, dining and leisure facilities. You must visit this place if you are thinking about going to the Bodrum. They provide 620 births of yachts of up to 135 meters in length. This is the best place for leisure and boating purposes.


Bodrum Water view
Bodrum Water view

There are different sites you can visit in the Yalikavak. It is the home of the Kos archaeological museum. There are many spas in the Yalikavak where you can enjoy your whole day.

They will provide the best Turkish spa service in the world. You can also do cruising in the nearby places. This city is dominated by the castle of Knights fortress.

You can get all-day breakfast here. Yeah, you got it right. They serve breakfast until 4 pm which is something one can remember. This place contains a huge range of hotels. You can also hire a ship and make some plans to go out like full-day boating. You can also hire your private yachts with your crew members.

Bodrum Yalikavak windmill

This is a very exotic place. You can enjoy your day by visiting different shops and in the night, you can go to the pubs and clubs. Another interesting, but different thing everyone wants to know about this place is the windmill. There is a windmill named as Yalikavak windmill is also situated in Bodrum city. Situated in the Yalikavak. It is a huge windmill which builds in 1859 and restored in 2005.

Bodrum Water seen

You can visit the mountains near to this place which gives you a great look at the whole city. If you are a camping lover then it will be a great place for you. You can do long tours and trekking in the hills. Although the hills are not very high and you cannot make a trip of more than 1 or 2 days.

The whole turkey is a beautiful country and the places near the Bodrum are very famous. One of the major reasons is the beaches and the boats which fascinate everyone. Bodrum city is also famous for Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. You should go to this place at least once in a while.

This place is the main centre of attraction for the Europeans. They love this place very much. It is a quiet and simple place. You can also enjoy here with your kids and family. It is a family-friendly place. I hope you like this content. Please create a beautiful comment in the comment box and follow us on the different social networks. We update content regularly so Stay tuned. Please share this article with your buddies. Last but not least, you should visit this place once in a while.


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