Bodrum Turkish Bath

Tap view from Bodrum Hamam

What is taking a bath for you? The main purpose of taking a bath is to clean your body, but in turkey, you can also take a bath to relax your body. This is a special type of bath popularly known as a Hamam in Bodrum, Turkey. Bodrum Turkish bath began in the 15th century. This is the tradition started by the Ottoman palace to take personal care to the next level.

It is a type of spa service first started on the turkey. Nowadays it is popularly known as the Turkish bath. Now many people don’t only try Hamam for only relaxing and cleaning, but they also use this service for their entertainment. There are a lot of benefits one can get from this bath. It will increase the circulation in your body. It improves the condition of the skin. Turkish bath will also deep clean your skin.

There are different techniques used for giving a perfect Hamam bath.

Pestamal and Hamam Kese

These Pestamals are made up of 100 percent cotton. During the bath, it is used to slough off the dead cells with the help of the Hamam Kese. Pestamal is very famous for its absorbency and softness.

Olive oil soap

Olive oil has been already very famous for nourishing your skin. It is a natural remedy to care and feed your skin. They also use Turkish soaps in this process and make your experience memorable.

Hotel Bathroom view

Pumice set

Pumice is a type of volcanic rock. It is rough in nature and this texture makes it perfect for removing rough skin. Personal care experts in the turkey using this rock for removing slough skin on the elbow, knees, soles of feet and from other parts of the body.

The above-mentioned methods are the traditional ways to do these spa services. It will be the best experience of your life. Although the old Hamam service is now becoming the spa. Now, this service comes under the spa. You can get this service in approximately all spas in the Bodrum. If you want to take the real fun of the spa, then you have to consult the locals there. There is a very old Hamam situated in the Bodrum.

The outer texture of that Hamam is not very good, but the service they provide is the next level. You will definitely like that service. You can also do other activities in the Bodrum like swimming scuba diving etc. It will be the perfect summer vacation destination for you if you want to visit the seaside place. There are many quiet places in the Bodrum where you can spend your whole day. To enjoy your evening, you can go to the pubs and clubs. Some clubs offer free unlimited beer also. Although it will be better that you go to this type of club late night otherwise you will find yourself alone in these pubs and clubs.

Hamam Bath Bodrum

Nowadays you can also enjoy another type of spa service in the Bodrum. These spa services include VIP treatment also. Some Bodrum Hotels also provide this service. In this treatment, you will get a full body massage which will nourish your body and relax your mind. It will be the best idea to remove all your stress and strain. You should try this at the start of the holidays so that you can enjoy all your holidays without any tension.

Other Bodrum Turkish Bath Ingredients.

They also apply different things on your body like coffee, tea, sea salt, etc. These products also have their own properties which can help you in relaxing. Bodrum is a very beautiful city, full of traditions. They are the originator of these Hamams and still doing great in this field. Bitez is one of the famous place for having Turkish bath.


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