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Bodrum Turkbuku

Have you ever wondered about going to someplace where you can enjoy the whole day by taking sunbath? You may be familiar with some of them. Do you know about Bodrum Turkbuku? This is the city located on the northern tip of the Bodrum. Bodrum is widely famous for one of the Seven wonders situated there, which is Mausoleum of Mausolus.

This is the very beautiful coastal town situated in the Mugla province. Mugla province is located in the southern part of the turkey. You will find very less information about this place on the internet. However, we will provide you all the information about Turkbuku which may help you with your trip towards Bodrum.

It is located on the Turkish Rivera means on the opposite side of the Bodrum peninsula. Bodrum is a beautiful place you should visit this place at least once in your life. Turkbuku is well protected by the high hills. There are numerous hotels in these hills. This town is situated in the old Greek, Caryanda. This place is the second home for the upper-class Turks. Europeans do not like this place very much, but, foreign visitors are increasing every year.

There are no broad patches of sandy beach here. You will find a semi-circular Broadwalk. It is full of shops and cafeterias. You will find bars, docks for a sunbath in the day and restaurants for dining in the night. In the season time, you can find popular pop stars, models and other athletes strolling there. You can visit posh bars and restaurants in Turkbuku.

Bodrum Turkbuku view

You can enjoy swimming sessions in the morning, but in the afternoon, it is very hot outside. It is not a big as Bodrum but it is still a very beautiful place. You should visit this place at least once in life. If you want to go to this town from Bodrum, then you have to drive at least one hour to reach there. You can also find budget rooms there as it is not as expensive as Bodrum.

Macakizi is one of the very famous and beautiful hotels in Turkbuku. You can find another luxurious hotel there too. This hotel also has its private beach, terraced room, outdoor pool, spa, and many other facilities. This hotel will be a great choice for you if you want to spend your vacations comfortably in a luxurious hotel.

As I told you earlier you can find different food courts and restaurants out there. It is a beautiful place. You should try their seafood. They make food in their traditional manner which is delicious. Although there is nothing so interesting to visit or see in Turkbuku. This place is just chilling and shopping. You can take your loved one for a great dinner. The local people of Turkbuku are very jolly natured. If you want to visit this place you should try their famous Turkish white wine. You can easily find this lovely wine in approximately all bars.

Bodrum evening View

If you are a foodie person then you will love to eat the excellent fresh fish and meze of Garo’s. You can also visit Hoca’nin yeri for Turkish snacks. This will make your day. Turkbuku has a very beautiful market full of jewellery, textile, and home accessories. It is a must-visit place if you are planning to go to the Bodrum.

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