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Hey, if you are on this blog, then you want to visit some cool and quiet place. Do you want to visit Bodrum? I will guide you and I will tell you about the famous places you can visit in Bodrum city. So, first of all, let us know a little about the Bodrum and Bodrum Tour as it is most important because you also have to show off about this place after your visit. Just kidding.

So Bodrum is a very quiet and nice place to visit. It offers different and very beautiful sights one can visit. It is fully loaded with very different and designer villages and small hotels. You can also find popular resorts on the beachside on the southern coasts of Bodrum. If you want to explore the culture and the monuments, then you can head towards the Bodrum Mausoleum which is one of the seven wonders of the world.

There are too many things one can do in the Bodrum. You can enjoy your vacations on the ships. Another thing you can do is you can have the most famous Turkish bath. This bath is popularly known as the Hamam. It will be a wonderful experience for you. If you like to visit different locations and interested to know about the history of the Bodrum, then there are different locations one can see.

Bodrum Bus tour

Knights of St. John

You can visit the castle of Knights of St. John. It is a very beautiful place and it is a fantastic place to study underwater archaeology. Bodrum is also very famous for one of the seven wonders of the world which is popularly known as the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. Halicarnassus is the old name of the Bodrum city. Although it is a coastal area then how can we skip the different beaches?


Bitez is a very famous beach near Bodrum. Although it is not as crowded as the Bodrum but it is a very good place to hang out. You can also get to the camel beach which is a large patch of white sand. Water at the camel beach is clear and blue coloured. If you love a boat ride, then you can go to the Kara Ada. It is very famous for its other name black Island. The black island is very famous for its black ashy beaches. Some scientist says that its water and mud has a lot of minerals.


If you will get bored from this black island, then you also have another alternate popularly known as Turgutreis. This place is just 5 km away from the Bodrum and it is the best place to chill with your friends. It has a white sandy beach which looks very cool. You can enjoy your day by taking a long day sunbath. In the evening you can have a small walk and you can visit the Turkish market. The weekly market of the turkey is very famous. Although it is the best place for the local peoples to find fruits and vegetables, but you can also find some clothes there. There are a lot of branded showrooms in the Bodrum.

Bodrum tour guide

You should visit this place once in your life. Bodrum tour will be the one of the best experience you can have with your family There are some things you should take care of if you are visiting or thinking about visiting Bodrum. You must ask before taking the picture of some local. The people of the Bodrum have a very strong religious belief than it will be better that you ask them before taking the photograph.

You have to remove your shoes while entering any mosque or the private residence. This city is also traditional so use discretion while using skirts sleeveless or bright colour clothes etc. You should be careful on the Bodrum tour as they are very strict about rules and regulations.

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