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Bodrum Nightlife

Bodrum is the city on the Aegean coast of turkey. It is a nightlife hub renowned throughout the country. Bodrum nightlife is one of the activities you can enjoy in Bodrum. If you love to dance and music creates some sensation in your body, then this place is definitely for you. It is well famous for its professional after dark entertainment. You can enjoy the summer evening with new and old songs. It also includes dance shows, laser displays and different kinds of music.

Bodrum is very famous for its hospitality and nightlife. There are plenty of pubs and discos in the Bodrum where you can enjoy all night dancing and making new friends. There are different clubs which start early at 9 or 10. If you are going to a dance, then it will be better than you will wait till 12 am otherwise you will find yourself standing alone.

Some of the very famous night clubs which you can explore.

The esteemed haliKarnas night club

It is one of the biggest clubs in turkey. It has a separate 24 seater VIP section which is known as the best place to enjoy the lovely evenings of this club. This club has its own dance show teams that perform every day. They also feature the best DJ in the world every week as a guest. Halikarnas is open every night and the drink cost is very high as compared to the other clubs.

People at Bodrum

The mile-long bar street

This is the second-best place you can visit to enjoy Bodrum nightlife. This is a long strip of venues both traditional and modern and it is very affordable. The younger crowd is more attracted to this place. This place provides a beautiful sea view with the excellent fragrance of seafood. You can get all kinds of local as well as the imported drinks in the bar of this bar street. It is famous for its live music entertainment.

These street bars provide a long range of cocktails. You can watch different night shows here. It will be a great place for people who love and understand Turkish music. They organize live Turkish music shows almost every day.

Beach clubs

It is a day-night concept. In the day time, it is suitable for relaxation and for swimming, but in the night it turns into the party venue with a huge crowd of tourists. It is a great pleasure for the people who love to party. An open-air party gives you a different feel. There are different clubs which offer the service of a beach party to their customers.

Dancing at the Floating Disco

This is the most interesting and different thing I love the most about the Bodrum. It is the favourite place of the Turks to visit. Floating disco is open since 1999. It is a huge dance floor made up of the water with the glass. It is and open venue for the dance lovers. This is a transparent dance floor with a capacity of 2500 people at a time.  This place contains a VIP lounge, dance shows with professional dancers.

Nightlife view in Bodrum

Aegean dining

All the above available offers are just for the fast-paced and the dance lover persons. However, what if you don’t like to dance. Bodrum also has something special for you also. It involves a lovely dinner with your friends and family. You can spend your evening sitting and enjoying long conversations. Many restaurants offer open roof dining services which are also budget-friendly. If you are looking for the expensive food made by the different and excellent chefs then you can visit the Mariana yacht club.


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