Best Five Bodrum Hotels – CHEAP AND LUXURIOUS

Bodrum hotel swimming pool view

Are you thinking about going to Bodrum? Then obviously you are also searching for the hotels in Bodrum. So let me help you with that. I will help you in choosing the right hotel in the Bodrum for yourself according to your budget and your need. Hotels in Bodrum are not as expensive as you think. If you are looking for a small, cozy and simple hotel like a guest house then it will cost you around $18. But if you are looking for the best hotel, then we have a list of Bodrum hotels.

So let us begin.

These hotels are the best and chosen by the experts based on budget, luxurious looks, and its location. This list includes luxury hotels, boutique hotels, and budget hotels.

The Bodrum Edition

It is one of the most expensive hotels you will find in Bodrum. The cost of a one-night stay at Bodrum edition will be around 350 pounds. This hotel is designed with olive trees, plunge pools, and terraces. You can easily access to the Aegean Sea from this hotel. You have to drive only 45 minutes to reach this hotel from Bodrum airport.

Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum

This hotel is also on the coastal line of the Aegean Sea, and it is one of the true luxury hotels in the Bodrum. The Mandarin Oriental hotel offers hip bars, excellent restaurants, and a fabulous spa. This hotel also contains entertaining places for the children so if you are thinking about the family trip to Bodrum than this hotel will be the best for you. The cost of a one-night stay in this luxurious hotel is around 306 pounds.

Lux* Bodrum Resorts and residence

It is a huge range of modern low-cost luxury hotels. Although this hotel is about 30 minutes away from the nearest town, but this hotel has its beach. You will get an amazing sea view from every hotel room and if you are looking for a quiet hotel than this hotel will be a great choice.

Bodrum, gumbet Hotel view

Night stay is also not very costly in this hotel you have to pay approximately 139 pounds per one night. You will love this hotel in this price range. It also contains plentiful entertainment for your children too.

Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum

This hotel is on the coasts of the historic city of the Bodrum. This hotel is owned by the chain of luxury hotels known as the Kempinski chain. One night’s stay in this hotel will cost you around 120 pounds. This hotel is situated at the sea’s edge of the barbarous bay in a quiet rural village. This hotel also offers small Mariana and private beach access. You can hire a taxi to reach this hotel in just 15 pounds otherwise you can wait for the bus, which will cost you just 1 pound each way.

Caresse hotel

It is part of the Marriott International, which is a huge range of luxury hotels. This hotel is situated in a quiet coastal area of the Muğla province. Muğla province is known for its long and sandy beaches. This hotel with an infinity pool will cost you around 153 pounds per night. It is not a bad deal for this type of lovely hotel.




The prices included in the above article may vary. Please check the reviews before booking for better experience. We will not advertise any of them. This blog is a research based only. Bodrum has a lot of beautiful resorts. You should go to the Bodrum once in a while. There are different and very beautiful sights you can visit in Bodrum. I hope you like this blog. Please share this blog with your friends and family. Share on all your social links also.


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