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Bodrum, gumbet Hotel view

Are you interested to go to Gumbet, Bodrum? Are you visiting the Gumbet for the first time? If yes, then you made the right decision and if no then you should think about this at once. Gumbet is a modern beach resort on the Aegean coast. It is just 5 km away from the famous Bodrum resort, in the Mugla Province. UK holidaymakers love this place very much. It is one of the popular tourist attractions on the Aegean coasts of Bodrum.

This place is situated in a quiet and peaceful area. It is a small village inhabited with a pine forest mountain. Gumbet is submerged with excellent hotels. You can easily find different apartments, bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants, shops, and other tourist facilities.

As I told you earlier, this place is on the shores of the Aegean sea. You can enjoy the wonderful beaches here. You can also visit ancient cities, marinas and other different kinds of attractions. It is always the first choice of the tourists and you will find more tourists in Bodrum as compared to the locals. This place is also the major centre of Yacht tourism and blue cruising. Blue cruising means you can enjoy recreated voyage along the Turkish Rivera.

Why Gumbet?

Gumbet is the long beach, sandy and untidily scattered hotels. If you are young and you love to take sunbath and want some water sports, then you will love this place. This resort is built to attract the tourist of all ages. This hotel is fully suitable for young bachelors, couples, family persons.

It is best for those who love to walk on the beaches during the day and interested to enjoy nights in the pubs and clubs. Hundreds of bars, rooms are air-conditioned and fully soundproof. There are many discos, clubs, and restaurants and it one can say that it is a great place for everyone as Gumbet contain something for everyone.

This resort is full of coloured neon lights which makes it more mesmerizing and attracts more tourists towards this resort. You can easily find beer in bars. You will find the cheapest beer here. If you are not a party person then this place also has something for you. Many restaurants offer a wide range of foods, including Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian and many more. You may also get Indian food in a few restaurants.

Gumbet bodrum beach natural view

This is the best place one can visit if he or she wants to go to the Bodrum. You will enjoy definitely like this place. One can get to the nearby places to see different type of buildings and monuments. You can enjoy swimming and if you are not a good swimmer you may take sun bat on the long beaches of the Gumbet.


Why Gumbet is so popular?

Gumbet is known as the part of the Bodrum, but now, it is an independent city. This is also the best place for the people who get bored from the luxurious and entertaining life of the Bodrum and wants to get away.  You can enjoy your day by walking on the streets which are fully designed with the Turkish written sign boards which can help you in finding the way towards your destination.

I hope you like this blog. This is a short but concise article about the Gumbet, Bodrum. Please share this article with your loved once and we will recommend you this place. You must visit this place as you can easily reach to the Mausoleum of Mausolus which is the one of the seven wonders of the world. Share this information with your loved once and tell them about this beautiful place.


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