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Hi, wondering about Bitez? We will give you the right information. So,  Bodrum Bitez is a very beautiful town in the Mugla province. It is situated on the Bodrum peninsula, which is a coastal area and very famous for its hospitality and water-related activities. It is very popular in summers and you will find a lot of visitors to Bodrum.

According to a census of 2011, the total population of Bitez is only 8155. They are the total number of people settled there. If you visit Bitez then this will be one of the reasons that you will find very few locals, there. The climate of the Bitez is suitable for different crops. The measuredly cultivated crops are Olive oil, Citrus, tobacco, etc.

This is a coastal area so that the fishing business is the backbone of their economy. Nowadays it has gained its popularity as a tourist spot. So that you may easily find different hotels and restaurants there. There are different blue flag beaches in the Bitez where you can do water activities like boating, swimming, etc.

The best way to enjoy this place for lazy ones is just lying on the board of the ship and having a sunbath all day. It is the ultimate experience one can have. The Bitez gains its popularity after the very popular song Cokertme. This song is composed in the early 20th century. This song is about the struggle of Regie company.

Bodrum Bitez Sea view

Bodrum is a very popular and crowded place. Due to the so much popularity, the hotel prices are also very high as compared to the neighbouring island and towns. So if you want to come to visit Bodrum you may settle yourself in the Bitez also. It is a beautiful place. There are fewer tourists in the Bitez as compared to the main Bodrum which is very important if you want to have more enjoyment.

Bitez Hotels

There are different hotels and cafes in Bitez. You can have the best seafood in the Bitez. You will easily find a hotel in Bodrum according to your requirement and budget. Bitez is also famous for its boat services. Bitez is only 20 minutes away from Bodrum. So, if you have less budget than you can book your hotel in the Bitez also. As compared to the Gumbet, Bitez is a less commercial place means you will not find a lot of shops or sellers in the Bitez. It is a quiet and peaceful place.

Bitez Attractions

For party lovers, this place is like heaven. You can enjoy all-night dancing. There are plenty of clubs and pubs. You will easily get a local Turkish beer there. Few pubs also offer free beers to their customers. It is a must-visit place. If you are not a party lover, then you can spend your evening in the open-air restaurants with your loved once. You can try different kinds of seafood there.

According to the natives, the bay of the Bitez is very beautiful. You can also swim in the sandy and warm sea of the Bitez. The coastline is full of citrus trees. You will like this view very much. You should try to visit this place at least once in life. Nearby islands can be visited via boat services. It will be a great experience for you.

There are two types of boat services for touring purposes. You can do a full day or half-day trip according to your mood. If you want to enjoy this journey alone without any noise, then the best alternative will be the private boats. You can hire private boats also which will double the enjoyment of your journey.

Bodrum airport to Bitez

Bitez is only 41 km away from the Bodrum airport. You can hire a taxi or take a car to drive and you will easily reach Bitez in just 37 minutes. You can also take a bus to reach Bodrum which will cost you only 40 to 50 Turkish Lira.

Bitez meaning

This is one of the most asked foolish questions searched so many times on the internet. Not every name has some meaning. It is a town in the Bodrum district, which comes under the Mugla Province.


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