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City View of Republic of Turkey

Are you curious about the Bodrum city? Do you want to know more about this place to visit or you just like to know about it? We have each and every information about this place. So, let’s begin with a small intro about Turkey and then we will slowly move towards the Bodrum city.

Turkey, officially known as the Republic of Turkey lies partly in Asia and partly in Europe. Republic of Turkey is known for the type of places it has which are the tourist places and beaches. This place is also known for its unique cuisine. A currency that belongs to here is Turkish Lira (TL). Ankara is the capital of Turkey, which earlier was called Angora as it’s the home of Angora goats. It is famous for its historical buildings, museum, angora wool and much more.

Bodrum is another beautiful city in Turkey with an approximate population of 36,000. It is a district and a small port city in the Mugla Province. In ancient times, this city was known by Halicarnassus of Caria. Bodrum is an important destination for the historians as it has an incredibly deep and intense history. Also, it is a classic beach destination which attracts more and more tourists. Bodrum has so many restaurants, along with the walkway which the visitors get to discover once they get there.

Sea View from the shores of Bodrum

A little more about Ankara, Turkey

There are various places for tourists to catch up and is worth a place to roam around. Castle of St. Peter which is also known as the Bodrum castle built by the knights of St. John. In 1962, the Turkish government decided to convert the Castle into a Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Also, this castle turned into a prison in the year 1895. Later on, it was damaged during the World War I by a French warship. This place is one of the priority destinations for tourists. It consists of a hundred of artifacts that were collected by the Bodrum divers followed by the archaeologists.

Another place in Bodrum to lay your eyes upon is a tomb popularly known as The Mausoleum which was one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World. This enormous tomb was built for Mausolus, who was the ruler of Caria by his widow and later was severely damaged by successive earthquakes. When it was destroyed, its stones were used to build the Castle of St. Peter.  It was the beauty of the tomb, which attracted the visitors rather than its size. Also, it has free standing statues of people, horses, lions and other animals. The Mausoleum has now just relaxing gardens, along with a pile of marbles and rubble, only the foundation remains and a small museum. This place counts to be an important tourist destination due to its history.

Myndos Gate – Republic of Turkey

Further, we will discuss about the Myndos Gate. It was built in the 4th century BC by King Mausolus for defence purposes and is the only surviving gate which surrounded the city of Halicarnassus. These were originally 7km long walls made with stone blocks. Exact measurements of these walls were not known. This gate was basically a shield for the town against the attacks. Visiting this place costs for nothing i.e. It is free of cost. Although there is only a little left out of the original wall as it was demolished by Alexander the Great and his army in 334 BC. Another gate was the (Milas) Mylasa Gate but has not survived in today’s time, which also was assaulted by Alexandra. After a lot of bloodshed from both the sides, Alexander the Great was successful in taking over the city.

Keeping aside its history, Bodrum is all about the sea. Boat trip here is something which is a must for every visitor; you cannot leave Bodrum if you haven’t had a boat trip and by chance if you didn’t have it, then my friend, you have missed the fifty percent part of your trip. Many resorts are located here and most of them offer various activities such as fishing, jet-skiing and kayaking. This place comes out to be great for sunbathers too. Also, an island called Karaada in Bodrum is a very popular tourist destination basically for yachting.

Beautiful Ship view of Ankara Turkey

Curious about travel cost?

Your travel cost is directly proportional to the money you want to spend in Bodrum. It means that if you want more luxurious hotels and services, then you will have to pay more. Although it is not very costly to enjoy your vacations in Bodrum, Turkey.

Spectacular undersea treasures which were found around the turkey are kept inside this museum. Of course, an entry fee needs to be paid to get in there which currently is   8 US $ that is 48 Turkish Lira (TL). This museum has a collection of ancient glass, bronze, clay, amphoras, tools and goods from ancient shipwrecks and their cargoes and various iron items. All this has brought the museum a worldwide acclaim. People, who get fascinated by such antiques and treasures, by the underwater discoveries, find this place to be very interesting and to get along with.

Explore Bodrum City

This town has much more to explore such as the marina and shipyard, the historical Bodrum windmills located on the top of the hill, old town and a market for shopping basically known as the bazaar that provides you with everything that you need and a lot more that you don’t. Speaking more about the Bodrum theatre, its construction was started in the 4th Century BC by the Greeks & finished by the romans. The theatre was mainly used to have hard fought more than theatrical shows which used to be so intense rather. It has a capacity to possess 13,000 guests and is still in operation for having performances. The famous Bodrum theatre has been preserved to its best till date.

City View of Republic of Turkey
republic of turkey

Bodrum has a plenty of clubs and discos. In order to enjoy the late-night parties until early in the morning. Another name of Bodrum city is the nightlife capital of Bodrum. People get lunatic when they get to enjoy their way. Without any restrictions or deadlines dancing over their heads. Bodrum is a pocket friendly place. Travelling turkey comes out to be cheaper than any other European country along with the same comforts and luxury. So, if you are planning vacations probably with a reasonable budget with your family or friend. This place is worth giving a shot.

Is it worth of visiting Bodrum?

Bodrum has a lot to offer everyone. During the day it is quiet and pleasurable and along with this it provides a great and enjoyable nightlife. Travelling to this destination is worth investing your money and time upon. Once you get there, you would never want to come back or to leave. Basically, people find a place worth visiting when they get what they are looking for. This place majorly has everything that would allure anyone.

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Q. How to reach Bodrum?

Ans. You will reach Bodrum airport via Plane. Then you have to take taxi, bus or any other service to reach the hotel. You can also check for different Bodrum Airport Transfer options.



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