Bodrum Beaches – Detailed Information about all beaches

Gumbet bodrum beach natural view

The best thing about the Bodrum beaches is that everyone likes the clear water and the long sandy beaches. You may have spent much time on the beaches, but have you visited the beaches of the Bodrum? If not, then you should give it a try. There are a lot of blue flag beaches in the Bodrum. No wonder, it is a coastal area. There are plenty of beaches on the Bodrum one can visit.

You can do different water activities in the Bodrum including scuba diving and many others. The water of the Bodrum is crystal clear which increases the joy of the swimming. Most of the beach lies on the western side of the Bodrum. If you will love to swim and do water activities than it will be better for you that you will book your hotel in the western part of the Bodrum.

On the Bodrum peninsula, you will find different islands. You should try all of them.

Bitez beach

Full name of Bitez is Bitez Yalisi. This is a blue flagged beach and resort and it is one of the award-winning beaches. This beach is ideal for windsurfing. If you are coming to the Bodrum than this place visit must be in your to-do list.

Karaincir beach

It is a 2 KM long beach. In turkey, Karaincir means the Black fig. It is situated on the Akyarlar coast. It is considered as the Maldives of Turkey. This coast is famous for its deep blue sea.

Bodrum beach hotel view

Yahsi beach

This beach is near the Ortakent. It is located in the Yahsi bay. Yahsi is a blue flagged beach of the Bodrum, Turkey. It is very famous for its clean sea and the fine sandy beach. Some people also visit this place for warm water baths.

Torba beach

When tourist gets bored with the luxurious life of the Bodrum, then they will prefer to come to this place. Although there are very few people who know about this place. You can explore this beach by walking. Holidaymakers prefer to visit the Torba beach. It is the only place where you can find the forest in the Bodrum.

Gumbet beach

Most people who want to come out of the Bodrum but not interested to visit Torba prefer to go to the Gumbet beach. This is a very clean beach with crystal blue water. You will definitely like to visit this place.

Kadikalesi beach

This is a small beach with few Resorts and a sandy beach. If we translate KadiKalesi, it means judge’s castle. It is named after the local judge’s residence. This is in the northern part of the peninsula. This place is about 22 km from Bodrum.

Gumusluk beach

Gumusluk has the calculatedly planted trees on the narrow shores of the beaches. You will easily find good seafood restaurants there. It is on of the famous visiting site. This place comprises of a small fishing village which includes beaches, cafe, and restaurants.

 Beach sea shore View

Fener beach

You can easily reach here via Dolmus. This beach is famous for Fener (Adekelesi Huseyin) Lighthouse. This place is only 5 km away from Turgutreis town center. There are a lot of resorts on the southern part of the beach.

Gundogan beach

If you are looking for peace in the Bodrum, then this is the place you are finding everywhere. It is a very quiet beach with no or very few tourists. You can enjoy the fresh air. It is the best place for water enthusiasts. You can play different sports here like scuba diving, sailing, surfing, etc.

These are the very famous beaches on the Bodrum. You can do different activities on these beaches and the best thing you can do here is take a boat and visit the nearest Islands. There are different islands which are very famous. You can gain a lot of information about these islands. Some of them are very famous for taking baths. According to some people, the water near those islands is very suitable for taking a bath as that water also has some added special minerals.

Lazy people can also have rest by taking a sunbath. To spend your beautiful evening, you can try different seafood in different restaurants.

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