Bodrum Airport Transfers – Milas Airport to Hotel FULL GUIDE

bodrum airport view via plane window

Going towards Bodrum for spending your vacations, but still don’t know the correct way towards your hotel after reaching the airport. If you ask me then it will be better if you plan it before your journey. There are different ways to reach your hotel. We have a best Bodrum Airport Transfers guide for you. You may choose best of them, so let us begin with the best methods to reach your hotel from the airport.

The best option you can choose to reach Bodrum is the Milas Bodrum airport. Milas Airport is the international airport of turkey that serves Bodrum and Milas. It is about 36 km northeast of the Bodrum city. It serves both international as well as domestic flights. According to a survey, there are a total of approximately 2.5 million travellers, visitors per year who use this airport.

After reaching Bodrum Milas airport the cheapest way to reach your hotel is by shuttle bus. It is a type of bus service which takes you and other tourists to their hotels. It may be possible that you have to wait for the other passengers to come from another flight. This bus will follow the predefined path and drop you according to the route.

Another way to reach your hotel is your private vehicle. It is a little expensive, but you can assume it is the best and the quickest way to reach your hotel. You can set up a time to meet your driver and then he will take you to your hotel. There will not be any drop-off point or anything. Your driver will directly take you to your hotel.

Bodrum airport view

For photo enthusiasts, it will be a great opportunity. You can stop your driver at any point for a small photoshoot. Although they may charge you for waiting which is predefined at the time of the booking. The cost of the airport transfer depends upon the price of the resort and according to your currency. It may increase or decrease because they are live estimated.

To make your journey more convenient it will be better than you will take less luggage with you. Airport transfer will allow one handbag and one suitcase per person. If you have more luggage, then you have to contact your transfer handler for adjusting that luggage. They may charge you for the extra luggage it depends upon their terms and conditions.

There are plenty of hotels in the Bodrum and the nearby islands and towns. It will be better to choose the hotel according to your comfort and budget. If you have found your hotel in Bodrum than it will be approx. 40 minutes away from Bodrum Milas airport. From this airport, Torba is just 30 minutes away. If you want to reach Gumbet then it may take approximately 50 minutes from Bodrum Milas airport.

If you want a cheap solution to reach your hotel, then the shuttle bus will be the best alternative for you. You have to book your bus at least 24 hours before reaching the airport. It may be possible that you can find the seat of your own choice on the bus, which will help you to watch the beautiful Bodrum from your side window.

Milas Bodrum airport View

Whether you have booked a bus or a private car, you have to show the ticket to your driver and he will take you to securely to your hotel in a couple of minutes. Some companies also offer an SMS service for telling you about the pickup time and other details about your Airport transfer. We have a list of popular and reliable Bodrum Airport transfers. You can choose one of them, although you should confirm all the details about this Bodrum airport transfers service at least once from another source also.

Bus from Bodrum airport to Bitez

There are so many buses from Bodrum airport to Bitez from different vendors. You can also use public bus transport to reach Bodrum port. There is need to create any type of early bookings or anything. Although for better journey you should book your bus on time.

Bodrum airport to Marmaris

If you want to go Marmaris from Bodrum airport via taxi, then it will cost you around 500 Turkish lira (₺) to 650 ₺. Bus is the cheapest way to reach Marmaris. It will cost you only 60 to 140 ₺. Marmaris is about 70 km away from Bodrum and it is 132 km via road.

Taxi from Bodrum airport to Bodrum Marina

Bodrum Marina is only 41 km from Bodrum Airport. Reaching Bodrum Marina via taxi will cost you 160 to 210 ₺ and about 40 minutes. The shuttle bus is the cheapest method and it will take only an extra 10  minutes to reach destination.


I hope you like this valuable information about Bodrum Airport Transfers. It will help you on your journey. Bodrum is a very beautiful place. You will definitely like this place. Stay tuned with us for more informational blogs.



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