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Thinking about the best Restaurants in Bodrum? We will help you, but first of all, let us know about Bodrum. Bodrum is a city of the religious and humble peoples. They are very famous for their hospitality. When we talk about hospitality then how could we forget about food and restaurants. There are a lot of restaurants in the turkey. They are all beautifully designed. Although Republic of Turkey  is a little village type place, but the seafood of the Bodrum is very famous.

The summer end of September this is the best time to visit Bodrum. You can try a lot of different types of plates of seafood in the Bodrum. Some of the famous restaurants you can try in the Bodrum are listed below.

Limon restaurant Bodrum

This is a very romantic spot for dining. It is the first restaurant on this list. Limon has a green garden with tables and chairs and this scene will definitely blow your mind. You can try all types of seafood here. One can begin with the pre-dinner drink and end your evening with one of the tastiest food of your life. You can also watch the sunset from this place which looks very beautiful. The sunset of the Bodrum is the best thing one can see after visiting Bodrum. It is one of the best Restaurants in Bodrum.

Orfoz restaurant Bodrum

If you like all types of seafood, then the best place you can visit is Orfos. You can eat everything that comes from the sea at this place. This place is fully decorated with a beautiful wooden table and chairs. You can try a different kind of seafood here. One can also try Sea snails in wine sauce, baked fresh mussels and many more.

best restaurants in Bodrum view



The most admirable thing you have to know about this restaurant is if you want to have your dinner here then you have to book in advance. There are very few chances that you can get a table without any reservations. They are always full. The tables on the terrace give you the ultimate look of the sea. You can try different foods like Saksuka, Lakerda, Barbun, etc.

Macakizi hotel Bodrum

If you are looking for a one-stop for all enjoyment, then this is the best option for you. Macakizi is a boutique hotel situated at the Turkbuku. It is a very beautiful restaurant. You should also try their cocktail. They have their own attached bar. They serve different kinds of sea dishes which will make your mood. You will definitely like this place very much. This is the best option for dines in Bodrum.

Haca’nin yeri

It may be possible that you like seafood very much, but for how many days? You may need something different. For trying something else than the seafood you have to visit the Haca’nin Yeri. They are very famous for manti with a yogurt and Cig Borek. They are made up of meat, but they are a little different than the normal kinds of seafood. Bodrum restaurants will provide a very good service without hitting your pocket very much.

Penguin Ice cream

Yes. You heard it right and it is not an ice cream it is the name of the café, restaurant and seafood court in the Bodrum, Turkey. You must eat some ting sweet after having the delicious seafood. The penguin ice cream is the best place to eat dessert. They make a very tasty Bal Badem ice cream. On special occasions, they prefer to make a Creamy Mastic ice cream.

ice cream from one of the famous restaurant

Both of these ice creams are made up of almonds. For the Bodrum visitors, these all places are the must-do tasks in their checklist. You should visit this place at least once to know the real fun of the life. I hope you like this blog and please tell me in comments, when you are going to prepare your checklist for visiting Bodrum?

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